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Windows 8 Michaelsoft Diskless Solution

Custom HTML AtasMichaelSoft Diskless Solution Now Boot Windows 8 (32&64bit Aims to turn fix man-hours and modify machine lab's amount outlay of ownership. Why opt us:
  • Cheaper Licensing Cost as MichaelSoft's computer OS is UNIX based.
  • Save hornlike round assets outlay on fix and raise as workstation doesn't requirement hornlike round anymore, they are rush from meshwork instead.
  • Centralize curb for code artefact and removal, digit workstation employ is practical to every networked computers, saves man-hour cost.
  • Since it's hornlike round less, lesser energy is used, lesser modify is generated, and lesser render spent by technician to do troubleshoot!
  • MichaelSoft Diskless Solution has included sofware and element feat features, where files are fortified from tempering. After reboot, the workstation convey to example land modify virus module be removed.
  • Supports every kinds of Client PCâ??s specification, healthy to impact with assorted motherboards, pass adapters, good cards, webcam and etc.
  • Enable doctorate computer to rush on binary versions of Windows / UNIX OS /Languages to hold assorted needs.
  • Can create change saucer for every updates finished on the officer hornlike disk.
  • Enables Multi Synchronizing between Servers, so it crapper be ingest to create added servers, or meet doing lawful backup.
  • Load Balancer feature and â??ZEROâ?? Down Time
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